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December 22, 2016
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December 22, 2016
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Brand Defining Session
Only $99

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Offer expires January 31, 2017

The primary challenge in planning a portrait session for business is deciding how you want to be portrayed. Deciding what to wear, how you want to look, professional or casual, and also what kind of setting you should be in is overwhelming. All of these factors communicate a very distant message to the person viewing your portraits. These are some of the biggest concerns and challenges many business owners face when simply scheduling a portrait session with a photographer. If you’re going to make an investment for professional portraits now all these details can be worked out ahead of time and not entirely up to you to figure out.

What does brand defining involve?

Our Brand Defining Session first explores your unique characteristics and traits to help us understand exactly what kind of person you are. Then we create a personality profile of your brand. Once we’ve defined who your target audience is, we develop a plan on how best to portray your unique qualities to that audience.  Being genuinely represented with a defined brand will make your marketing easier and will attract more ideal customers to your website. Once your brand defining session is complete your brand persona will help us determine what kind of clothing you should wear, colors on and around you and your environment. Not to mention the overall feel of your portraits and self brand. We will also explore symbols and messages that can be part of your wardrobe and/or environment that communicates who you are more clearly and what your message is.

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Gina Cinardo
Gina Cinardo
I'm Gina Cinardo, an enthusiastic portrait photographer specializing in helping driven professionals become branded online. Wether they want a fantastic headshot or just photographed being in the moment. I make people look polished and amazing in their portraits. With over 25 years’ experience as a photographer I understand the importance of the first impression. I get so much joy seeing people feel good about themselves and succeeding. IIf you’re ready for a portrait that showcases you as an expert at what you do call me today.

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