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February 13, 2017
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April 8, 2017
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Dream Photography Shoot

The PRADA VIP Branding Package
Dream Photography Shoot

This package is a perfect combination of planning and preparation to not only create an amazingly fun dream photography shoot but also a very solid brand that you will use for your business. Your final images will set you up to tell your story to the world which will make all your marketing so much easier. It’s not just an investment to grow your business but an investment in You. Below is a more detailed explanation as to how this process works.

Defining Session: The first step is to identify your unique characteristics and values and then scale your choices to determine which key traits you are dominant in. Overall this defines a Persona to your brand itself which becomes a consistent message within your portfolio and your online presence. 

Messaging and Profiling: Once we have defined the personality of your brand we then identify primary messages you wish to convey to your clients. These messages are developed based on your ideal clients needs and how you help them solve their problem. Within each message we will profile a specific character, setting and feel, that will deliver precisely the right message in just the right way to your client.

Image Style Consultant: With your brand defined and messages created many thoughts and ideas in regards to wardrobe will be set-out on the table. We’ve created moods, impressions, feelings and character types now we have to dress you to represent the real you properly. An Image Consultant is the best way to really refine this look. Not only is this defining you and your message but also guaranteeing that you will look fabulous in your portraits.

Photo Shoot Planning Session: Your entire photography session is planned from the first look and location to the last. Having a really well defined ordered plan will make the day less stressful for everyone and more productive.

Location Scouting: We pick the environments that best tells your story. Your office may be an option, but another may be to show your customer you’re living the dream they want. The right location is so important.

Professional Makeup & Hairstylist: We do a professional makeover and hairstyle on you first thing, in which the pampering, the fun, and the laughs begin. If you are not the type that wears a lot of make-up that is okay, we still want you to look like you. On the other hand, we want you to look like an enhanced version of you looking your best. We have the right makeup and we know how to shade, contour and highlight the face so that you show up really well in the camera. And of course enhance all the best features on your face.

Six (6) or more wardrobe changes at your various locations:  The number of looks is really determined by your Brand Persona and your messaging. Part of the planning stage is meant to help us narrow down the wardrobe to convey the right message and make it easier during the day of the photography session.

Professional creative photography by Gina Cinardo: Besides having a lot of experience and a broad technical background I am pretty fun to work with… so I am told. I guess I am a bit goofy and for certain high energy. As soon as I start photographing I am completely focused and on You. Though I work in line with our Session Plan I also work organically. If something inspires me I’ll go with it.

I give easy-to-follow instructions and direction in regards to body position. I sometimes work at capturing a reaction out of you, even if is in the middle of a conversation.  Plus, I am very descriptive at trying to get you to feel an emotion. I WILL NEVER SAY “work the camera” or any other vague directions like that, unless I’m just trying to be funny, which I am.

I love what I do and really get into the flow of my craft. My excitement will be obvious and I love to show you the images in my camera as we work along. It makes me feel good letting you know how absolutely gorgeous you are.

All high resolution digitals fully finished with high-end retouching “Magazine Shots” that are fully finished with high-end retouching. These images will include usage rights to use in your marketing; print, social, website, blog, etc.

Your day will include All transportation, meals and treats

Marketing Presentation: After all your images are processed we’ll work with you in creating a plan on what photographs to use and how to use them on your website and social media accounts.

Online/Social Brand Integration. We will create up to 4 banners or sliders to incorporate on your website, blog, or social media.

This is a 6 Step process well worth the time to plan your dream photo session.

Step 1 – Brand Persona Questionnaire and Messaging & Personality Questionnaire

Step 2 – Brand Defining and Messaging (one-on-one session with Gina)

Step 3 – Image Consultant (one-on-one session with Linda) – Client has the option to hire Image Coach on a shopping day.

Step 4 – Planning Session (one-on-one session with Gina)

Step 5 – Photography Session with Gina Cinardo, Makeup Artist and Assistant

Step 6 – Marketing Session (one-on-one session with Gina)

This dream photography shoot package is valued at over $3500 and is priced at $2997 complete. Get $100 off for paying your package in Full, Make 3 payments at $999, or 5 payments at $620.

Gina Cinardo
Gina Cinardo
I'm Gina Cinardo, an enthusiastic portrait photographer specializing in helping driven professionals become branded online. Wether they want a fantastic headshot or just photographed being in the moment. I make people look polished and amazing in their portraits. With over 25 years’ experience as a photographer I understand the importance of the first impression. I get so much joy seeing people feel good about themselves and succeeding. IIf you’re ready for a portrait that showcases you as an expert at what you do call me today.

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