Should You Be Self Branding?

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Should You Be Self Branding?

From political campaigns to the Kardashians, we’re surrounded by people who are also brands. So what does that mean for business owners and entrepreneurs?

This article will help you understand what self branding is and if you need to implement it yourself. It all depends on your business and how visible you want to be.

What is Self Branding?

Effective marketing is all about catching the attention of your audience and making them interested and excited enough to turn into paying customers.

Branding is so important for big companies. We see certain logos or taglines and immediately know what to expect. We get excited for the newest product from our favorite brands even before we know what it is because we love the brand itself!

So where does branding come from?

Branding is the Face a company shows to the public. For large companies with lots of money to spend on marketing, this Face might be a logo or a spokesperson. A good example of this is Culligan Water. Not only do they have a well branded logo but their spokesman is their “Culligan Man”, and is literally in every single ad campaign they use. Wow, that model has a cushy job!

For most entrepreneurs and small business owners, though, branding is quite different. The face of the business owner often becomes the Face of their business.

Who Should Be Self Branding

Below is a list of professions that should be self branding. If you fit within one of these professions start thinking about what your brand already communicates to others and how effective it might be.

  • You are in the public eye representing yourself as an Actor, Music Artist, a Model or any kind creative individual. You want to be known for your unique creative style and do not mind being seen as a Public Figure.
  • You are a politician who wants to stand behind a mission or principal and be depicted as a specific character type that is suited for a position in a Public Office.
  • You are a Creative Writer that wants to be the Face behind the stories you write.
  • You have written a Biography and want to be the Face behind your life story.
  • You are a Public Speaker who talks about any topic that showcases your expertise, knowledge and insights. For example, a Spiritual Leader, a Doctor, an Engineer, a Fitness Guru, etc. You have either written books or developed a self-help program and use your talks to generate leads that become clients.
  • You are a Public Speaker and/or a Workshop Facilitator who uses their talks to generate leads that you turn into clients.
  • You are a Life Coach, Style Coach, Marketing Coach or any kind of personal coach. You probably conduct workshops or do public talks to also convert participants into clients.
  • You are the Principal of your business in any kind of industry and you do any kind of relationship marketing, internet marketing or social media marketing.

You Might Not Know It But You’re Already Branding

Since the majority of your business outreach is done online you already are the Face behind your business.

Every time someone comes to your website or looks at your marketing materials, they’re seeing the Face of your business.

Your job is to make that Face something aligned with your goals as a business owner or entrepreneur. If you don’t want your own face to be the Face of your business, you need to create an alternative image or icon. Something that symbolizes what your brand stands for.

If you don’t direct your audience to see you in a specific way, they will define you in their own way.

You know the old advice to dress for the job you want? You need to “dress” your business for the success you want for it. If you have big dreams and goals you want to accomplish, the Face of your business needs to reflect that.

When you define your goals, your unique characteristics and your brand message, you will attract the customers you want to serve.

But there’s a catch: your brand and the Face you project have to be genuinely you! If you attract an audience with great branding but your services don’t match that brand, your audience will get confused and leave.

The magic happens when you have a fantastic Face that matches your genuine talents and offerings. Then, you’ll attract an audience who will turn into loyal customers and raving fans.

In turn, you become the vision of your dreams almost guaranteeing you’ll achieve them.

“All of us need to understand the importance of self branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.

– Tom Peters in Fast Company

Could You Use a Self-Brand Update?

Ask these questions:

  • What does your current online presence look like to your potential customer?
  • Are you targeting your ideal client?
  • Do people take you seriously?

Unfortunately, if you are currently using different pictures of yourself on multiple platforms (selfies, outdated portraits, unflattering snap-shots, blank avatars, or your pet) then people will not take you seriously.

In many cases your business profile is the first time a person sees you. That initial introduction is perceived as the reality of who you are. An incomplete or unpolished profile will make the viewer assume you don’t care about your business because you don’t have the time to present yourself professionally.

Self-branding You in your business is a relatively small investment that ends up making all your marketing exponentially easier.

Wondering if self branding is right for you or how to do it?

If you would like more information on self branding email me at, give me a call (805) 440-3655 or sign up for a Free 30 minute marketing consultation.

Gina Cinardo
Gina Cinardo
I'm Gina Cinardo, an enthusiastic portrait photographer specializing in helping driven professionals become branded online. Wether they want a fantastic headshot or just photographed being in the moment. I make people look polished and amazing in their portraits. With over 25 years’ experience as a photographer I understand the importance of the first impression. I get so much joy seeing people feel good about themselves and succeeding. IIf you’re ready for a portrait that showcases you as an expert at what you do call me today.

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