5 Ways to Use Brand Photography for Effective Marketing

Advertising photography is generally an image that tells your audience a story for the purpose of selling a product or service or generating leads for your business.

If you've read my articles before you'll know that I discuss quite often how we use editorial images in our marketing to help illustrate our messages better to an audience. However, there is a distinction between what is considered editorial photography and advertising photography. Advertising photography in general is used in multiple ways, such as social media, content marketing, and printed media. Typically an editorial begins with printed advertising as the primary purpose for creating the photographic illustration. However, they are both very interchangeable. Since we don't usually use our marketing budgets for print advertising as we used to the purpose of getting noticed is the same. If you 

For this article let's focus primarily on using any kind of 

Illustrate your value proposition. 

This is what you promise to deliver to your clients. This could be your tagline. 

Create an editorial about the experience your customer will have working with you.

This can be illustrating the client experience, the environment of the location, or what they will gain if they use your product or service.

Showcase your unique attributes from your competitor 

A personal brand would show an attribute of themselves that is important to their clients such as a physical trainer running, or the compassion of a caregiver. 

A company may show your location, your staff

Emphasize what your clients will gain after working with you. 

The end result. What they feel like after you have fixed their "pain"

illustrate your value