Being vulnerable helps build your brand

The effectiveness of your brand requires being vulnerable.

As a business owner, being vulnerable is a necessary process for personal growth as well as building your brand. We are the primary representative of our business. There is no one above us.  Therefore, we must take responsibility for all of our actions. Every action we take is a direct reflection of who we are and how we identify with ourselves. 

Being visible, and seen by an audience, is an exposition of all our creative thoughts and ideas. Every transaction, from the initial consultation to asking for a deposit, to the photographs and selfies we post. Everything we do is open to criticism. Experiencing non-acceptance, in any form, we may see as a rejection. When you are an employee, judgment is typically towards the organization you represent rather than you personally. At least, in this case, you are able to project those fears onto another organization outside of yourself. 

Being visible, and seen by an audience, is an exposition of all our creative thoughts and ideas.

The struggle between failure and success. 

When people wonder why their business can never seem to get ahead, it may be because they are avoiding being visible. So much so, that they become vague in their position as a thought leader. As a result, they make themselves more invisible to prevent those feelings of rejection. 

These underlying fears are the primary cause that prevents them from taking the necessary risks to move ahead. Believing in their value and self-worth is critical for every business owner to thrive. Someone who moves effortlessly in the direction of success understands that where they feel that fear is the path they must follow.  That is when someone is open to being vulnerable. 

"Vulnerability is the birthplace of connection and the path to the feeling of worthiness. If it doesn’t feel vulnerable, the sharing is probably not constructive." – Brené Brown


being vulnerable

Conviction begins with having clarity.

Becoming more self-aware of our thoughts and actions is critical to our personal growth. We must start breaking down what we truly believe and how we identify with ourselves. In regards to our business, having a clear picture of what our purpose is and what our brand stands for is also critical to be able to identify with it. When we begin to break it down, some of the things we want to change the most about ourselves may be the most dominant characteristics our brands evoke. Because we may have repressed these attributes in us, and therefore, no longer identify with them, in essence, our Brand Persona becomes an authentic version of who we are.  

Creating a brand blueprint is the first step to building your brand. With this clarity, they will gain conviction in their actions, even when they experience criticism. When they can identify with the brand, they find their true voice and become the brand. 

If you are a business owner who is struggling to get ahead and needs help creating a blueprint of your brand, we can guide you through the process. When you are clear about what your brand stands for, it is easier to have conviction over all your thoughts and ideas. This allows you to move with ease towards success.

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