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4 Reasons you should define your Brand Essence

One’s brand essence are the core characteristics that interpret the brand and distinguishes it from its competitors. These unique qualities become the “identifier” for that brand. In other words, they become the emotional connection we have to that specific brand. A good example is Oprah Winfrey who is known for her Empathy. We may not realize that […]

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Photographs you should never use in your marketing

Using the wrong photographs for marketing may communicate a completely different message than you originally intended. Or, just make your message really unclear. In this article, you will learn what types of photographs to avoid in your marketing.You have a great idea for a marketing campaign and all you need is a photograph for marketing […]

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The Magazine Shot – Exploration of Retouched Photographs

“The Magazine Shot” There are so many to choose! At first glance they All look great. However, as a professional photographer I understand that a client can get too overwhelmed trying to narrow down 100 poses compared to 40. Therefore, I must set aside my initial reaction and excitement and think rationally. To pick the best […]

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