The Hanover Family

Twas the night before Christmas... quite literally. The Hanover Family, like so many others, is strewn all about the country most days of the year. Thank goodness I was available to photograph Vivian and her family on Christmas Eve while all the kids were in town. What a perfect night to document your family legacy by planning a photo session on Christmas Eve. The weather was the most interesting part of the photo shoot however, which in it's own way made the event even more spectacular.  As I got to their home in San Luis Obispo, the sun was shining over the beautiful hillside. Everyone was finalizing all the last minutes details to get ready and the clouds rolled in. It got darker and darker and darker outside.

We started photographing on their front entry and even though it had started to rain, the background was still a beautiful and magical backdrop. I got the family warmed up to tell a Holiday tale. The problem was the laughing and silliness may have gotten them more relaxed but the rain got all of us pretty chilly. We moved inside to photograph by their living room bookcase. Within the next 30 minutes the sun was out and shining again. We worked a complete 360 around their property ending with the sunshine beaming behind them through shimmering raindrops. It was a glorious Holiday family photography shoot!

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