Dr. Jenni Swanson


Jennifer Swanson, EdD, LP, LPCC

Energize the Body, Transform the Mind

Behind the Lens: Jenni Swanson's Portfolio Deconstructed

The point to any personal brand photo shoot is to capture the essence of the brand, in this case Jenni, and position her brand towards her ideal audience. It takes multiple steps to get here. We defined her brand persona, identified her ideal client, and worked through her message and the stories she wanted to capture.

The best part is the day of the photoshoot. Even with a list of editorials we had planned to photograph I always get excited when I compose and and use the most beautiful light I can find to do so.

I always strive to deliver not just the right stories but great quality and highly creative images. 

Fitness N Mind is a niche psychotherapeutic practice offering clients an innovative and scientifically grounded approach to improving mental and physical health.

FitnessNMind.com (website with all new photos coming soon)
Home base: Avila Beach, CA