Dr Susan Lundgren

I met Dr. Susan Lundgren networking. At the time she was with Ptera Wellness, a Naturopath in San Luis Obispo (SLO), CA. When she told me she was selling her business and going on a journey she wanted my help with branding. 

Susan's new mission entails traveling and working in clinics around the world, by assisting those that need her help. These purpose of these images are to illustrate her story for her blog.

This was one of my favorite photo shoots. Though, one of the toughest, as I had to hike quite a lot with all my gear to capture the right images for her story. A three hour hike on the Johnson train during a beautiful breezy Fall day in SLO Town. But I did manage to take a great variety shots. 

If you are interested in following her on her new journey check out her  blog.

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