Finishing and Retouching Standards

At Ginici Studios we process every image you purchase, which means all your final portraits will be fully finished. Besides all the expertise behind the creation of your portrait, a finished portrait will give it the professional appearance you want. Our finishing standards include:

  • color correction
  • sharpening
  • color enhancements and/or vignetting
  • framing and cropping if necessary

Your images that stand out the most and are favorited are labeled the best for publication and marketing is fully finished and retouched. This is what turns your really good portrait into... we'll call it, the "Magazine Look". Ginici Studios retouching standards include:

  • flyaway hairs
  • uneven hair edge-line or holes
  • fine lines around the eyes and on the face
  • uneven or odd shadows and highlights on the face
  • brightening of the eyes and teeth
  • evening out lipstick and brows if needed and smoothing the skin overall
  • other touch-ups may include thinning arms or legs pushed out during a pose
  • evening out skin tone due to excessive redness
  • removing distracting people or obstacles in the background

Please contact us if you see anything in your portrait you would like touched-up that is not on this list. Additional retouching and/or graphic effects will be an additional charge but it is totally worth it to get it right exactly how you want it.

Additional Retouching Requests:

If there are things in your portraits you would like revised or removed let us know. We are highly experienced with photo editing software. Just keep in mind that additional retouching will be charged accordingly for time and labor. 

  • remove braces
  • remove glare on glasses
  • extend the background for website banners
  • background masking 

Graphic Design Services:

Besides our ability to retouch and finish images we are also experienced graphic designers. 

  • business cards and stationery
  • custom book layout and design
  • greeting cards and postcards
  • posters, flyers, and banners

Let us know your project. 

Custom retouching and/or graphic design | $125/hr