Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about Brand Photography.

Personal branding intentionally establishes and promotes a unique and authentic image, reputation, and message of oneself to others. It involves identifying and showcasing one's strengths, skills, expertise, values, and personality in a way that sets them apart from their competition.

A consistent and compelling personal brand identity creates a memorable and impactful impression on a well-defined target audience. This process helps individuals achieve personal and career goals, build a strong network, attract opportunities, and establish themselves as industry leaders or influencers.

FAQ about a Photography Session.

I photograph you as long as it takes until I know I’ve produced enough great shots for you to look at. However, here are average time frames

  • Business Headshot Session about an hour.
  • Lifestyle Session is about 2-2.5 hours on average.
  • Branding Sessions can be up to 4 hours. Our full Branding Package can be 4 or more hours or broken down into two days.
  • Event photography is the only service I offer in which I charge for time, so it depends on your event and how long you want photographic coverage.