Get Asked Out More Often with Great Dating Profile Photos

Vikki came to me and said "I need to create a dating profile". OMG! I can relate how seriously scary this can be. What do you upload in the way of photos? You can't just upload selfies of yourself being silly.

The Goal


Polly Mertens?

Online dating profile portraits to attract men to her. The obvious part was to attract, however, we wanted to think about a way to make her look playful but also casual.

Total looks we finalized for her photography session were...

  1. Bohemian, to show a nurturing, loving side and sense of spirituality.
  2. Structured jacket with blouse, to show a professional, established and traditional side of her.
  3. Rock Star look, to show her fun and playful spirit, edgy and trendiness.
  4. Soft peach sweater, elegant and beautiful sophistication with heals.
  5. Orange sweater, casual and cuddle exuberance.

Looking forward to seeing her grow and her brand develop.

Makeup Artist - Gina Cinardo
Style Consulting - Linda Walden


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