Meet the Rainey Family


Their journey began when Jenn and Dave met during a blind date at Giuseppe’s in SLO by an acquaintance who was determined to set them up. This is a summary from the story told by Tara Hobb's, who wrote The Rainey family article for Sunset's at the Bluffs and Palisades Magazine. Both June and July's featured "Meet your Neighbor" article, Tara sends me them well in advance so that I get the "story" before I've even met the family to photograph. 

In this particular story she painted a really great picture. Therefore, I was able to visualize how I was going to photograph their family that went along with the story. The first thing to consider however, is their constant management of having 2 small and very energetic kids. To work around their families schedule I didn't necessarily go in order. First, I photographed the kids being themselves, all giggly and wiggly. The number one way to take a bad photograph of a child is to try and pose them. You can't, you just have to capture them being who they are in the moment.

The next step was photographing the family inside their home and on their patio. I wanted candid shots and of course, one great cover shot. One thing I've learned over the many years being a photographer is you can always take a great photo with any environment you're in. They key to a great family shot is to be quick.

I can sense when the kids are done having their photographs taken. They start to get antsy and after that you can't force them, or maybe I should say contain them, because they are off to explore other great things. Luckily, a very helpful neighbor was willing to watch the kids. Then Jenn, David, and I, walked to the beach for some intimate and romantic shots to illustrate the beginning of their journey.

And so, this is my journey. When I photograph a new family I feel honored to memorialize peoples story and the wonderful things they create in life. Every time I view this video I giggle inside and want to reach out and tickle little Paige's toes. I know deep down that when the children are adults these images will be a symbol of their childhood and their family connection. These photographs become priceless as they hold them close to their heart for eternity.

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