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Creating a brand persona requires evaluating your values, and characteristics beforehand. This way, you can define what colors reflect the essence of your brand. Use these personal brand resources to help you put the pieces together to project the right image your brand stands for. 

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White signifies cleansing and new beginnings. It is actually the absence of all colors and translates into feelings of openness and safety.

The color white can also symbolize balance, harmony, purity, courage, peace, innocence, dignity, and awareness.

It should be noted that in Eastern cultures, white is associated with death and mourning.

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Ivory calms the mind. It has identical purity to white but with more warmth. It is a soft and clean color that conveys a sense of discreet prosperity.

During Victorian times, elephant tusks, opals, and pearls were symbols of opulence. Which also may communicate something old and vintage.

Creamy shades of ivory have a relaxing and calming effect on the mind. It is personal and intimate. 

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Gold is elegant and prestigious but adds an element of power purple can’t match.

In combination with purple or green, gold is a powerful color that symbolizes wealth and pedigree.

Golden colors reflect determination, spiritual reward, richness, and refinement.


Yellow is a high-energy color that represents logic, happiness, cheerfulness, and optimism. It has the power to bring out creativity and encourages intelligence. It is an inspirational color that also represents clarity of thought, wisdom, orderliness, and harmony

Use vibrant yellow to command your audience’s attention, and let them know you’re confident in your abilities.

Yellow is a powerful color, but it is also the most dangerous hue and difficult to photograph depending on its intensity. For a wardrobe choice it is better to choose softer yellow hues or layered clothing with a small amount of bright yellow integrated.


These are beige colors with warm light brown and yellow tones such as tans, or taupes. It is earthy and neutral and resonates with comfort and relaxation.

Beige also emulates the color of various animal coats which also gives off a sense of warmth.

It is a calming color that symbolizes kindness and a gentle heart.


The color burgundy symbolizes wealth, success, prosperity, and potential power.

This may showcase you as some who values your individuality and uniqueness, and love of luxurious goods.

There are hues that range from maroon to burgundy and evoke the same energy as red, but they make it more thoughtful, dignified and controlled.


Red is the color of boldness and power. It gets people’s attention and it holds it, which is why it’s the most popular color for marketing. The word SALE is always red. 

The color red represents raw energy, force, vigor, and is the symbol of life. Red energy can be seen as sensuality, aggression, passion.

Red also signifies courage and impulsiveness, vitality, enthusiasm and security. It is the light with the longest wavelength.


Orange is energy. It has powerful attention-getting properties, it’s fun and cool, and it makes customers feel as though they’re dealing with a cutting-edge company.

It is the color that makes new possibilities happen. It’s creative, enthusiastic, and is associated with good times, warmth, and ambition. Orange encourages collaboration.

If you wear orange, you like to be the life of the party and are in a positive, energizing, and engaging mood.

Other meanings of Orange can also communicate hope, friendliness, courtesy, generosity, liveliness, sociability, and an out-going nature.


Brown, an earthy tone, is known as a comfortable color, lending relaxation to customers. A grey suit with brown shoes and a belt can be a popular combination.

Brown represents all things solid and grounded such as the color of the earth. Brown is the color that people associate with someone who’s stable, smart, and dependable. Brown also denotes worldliness, practicality, domestic bliss, physical comfort, conservatism, and a materialistic character.

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Peach is the color of innocent love intermixed with wisdom. It also implies you have a caring nature and how you tend to the needs of others. The color peach represents immortality in Chinese civilization because of the peach tree of immortality.


A stand-out color that grabs attention and is effective on both males and females and can show excitement and boldness when used for marketing.

Pink is very much associated with femininity and is the unconditional love color and it’s known to soothe out aggression. Also playful and flirtations, representing love, joy, sweetness, happiness, affection, romance, and kindness.  In the US hot pink can represent sex and lust.

Because of its “safe” connotations, pink can also be used as a color of defiance, rebellion, and innovation, especially when aligned with a masculine brand or cutting-edge offering.


Coral is a pink-orange color that gets its name from marine invertebrates decorating the bottom of the sea. It is fresh, invigorating, and feminine. ... A dynamic and vibrant color, coral is particularly stunning when combined with blue and white. But it can also be combined with warm colors such as yellows.


When you want to be viewed as trustworthy and cool, blue is the color for you. Blue is a more relaxed color and a bit softer than black when used for writing text or suit color. Mix blue with complimentary colors for best results.

When you wear shades of Blue you’re broadcasting creativity, positivity, peace, loyalty, and confidence. It is also associated with Spirituality and Divinity. Bluestones also state that you’ve decided to live by your own rules, and by your own truth. Wisdom, heaven, eternity, devotion, tranquility, and openness.


Purple is the color of royalty, which makes it perfect for lending a touch of elegance and prestige to your marketing materials. If you want to appear with some form of authority or seniority, purple is a great color choice.

It can convey that you’re rich — both of possessions and spirituality. Purple shows that you have a rich inner life, are intuitive, artistic, creative, and have great instincts about people.

It can ignite one’s imagination and be an inspiration to artists. Deeper shades of violet or purple denote high spiritual mastery. symbolism is indicative of devotion, healing abilities, loving, kindness, and compassion

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It is believed that where Blue is calming, Indigo is sedating.

Indigo is mystical and bridges the gap between Finite and Infinite. Indigo-colored gemstones are often used for spiritual attainment, divine protection, psychic abilities, self-awareness, and enhancement of Intuition.

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Green is warm and inviting, lending customers a pleasing feeling. Second, it denotes health, environment, and goodwill. Finally, green is the color of money, so it creates thoughts of wealth. Perhaps a good color for closing?

Green is a calming color and is associated with generosity, healing, and a rejuvenated state of mind. People who wear green are charismatic and care deeply about the feelings of others. Green denotes fertility, growth, balance, health, and wealth. Green signifies a positive change, good health, growth, fertility, healing, hope, vigor, vitality, peace, and serenity. 


This color of yellowish-green comes from green olives and often symbolizes peace, harmony, and sophistication, Shades of olive green can also represent natural wisdom.


Teal combines the calming properties of blue with the renewal qualities of green.

It is a revitalizing and rejuvenating color that also represents open communication and clarity of thought.


The color turquoise is associated with sophistication, energy, and wisdom. It is a feminine color that is both calming and refreshing.

Its serenity brings about the vibration of wholeness, emotional balance, and spiritual grounding.  It promotes good luck, patience, and intuition.

Turquoise is a friendly color that also communicates love, joy, and loyalty.


Be careful with wearing all grey, especially with more casual looks.  You may seem indifferent, depressed, emotionless, or apathetic. It can also seem suppressive and give off the impression of a lack of confidence. 

However, grey on the right person with the right fabrics can be stunning. Just make sure it is the right shade because the color grey can also wash you out. 

As a wardrobe color, we recommend grey tones as accents or secondary colors to add hints of sophistication. 


If you wear metallic, you’re letting the world know that you aren’t shy, but that you’re adventurous, up for anything, and hip. The symbolism it represents can be justice and purity.

Silver glittery in particular will showcase you as the life of the party and full of glitz.

BLACK & WHITE communicates unyielding and imbalance. An extreme between two opposing views. However, if utilized right it can also be interpreted as balance. 

Alternatively, black and white can be a sign of depression or sadness. When using black and white within your brand in some way associate it with high authority and sophistication. Although, it really does depend on your service. It is also very modern

BLACK is a highly versatile color. It can be modern or traditional, exciting or relaxing.

Best used as a contrasting color, black most often will add drama to whatever mood you want to cast.

Black symbolizes extremes, All or Nothing. It is often associated with the unknown, the unconscious, danger, mystery, darkness, death, mourning, rejection, hate, or malice.

In your brand use black as a symbol of strength, power, and authority. On women specifically, it will also communicate sophistication and elegance.

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