Personal Branding

My "Aha Moment" About What Personal Branding Is.

Many people ask me “what is personal branding?” Simply put personal branding is how we present our value to the world. Whether you’re a business professional or an entrepreneur, we step into the role as the face of our brand. I offer brand photography to individuals ready to step fully into their brand. Because I am also […]

5 Elements to an Effective Headshot

When the result gets you noticed
Why am I saying “effective headshot” instead of a “great headshot?” Any portrait that makes the viewer feel something, whether it’s good or bad, is caused by the portrait.

4 Reasons you should define your Brand Essence

One’s brand essence are the core characteristics that interpret the brand and distinguishes it from its competitors. These unique qualities become the “identifier” for that brand. In other words, they become the emotional connection we have to that specific brand. A good example is Oprah Winfrey who is known for her Empathy. We may not realize that […]

Design your Personal Brand to your Goals

The first step when you design your personal brand is knowing what you are moving towards. This creates a map for your journey as a business owner. Assuming your work is your passion, this is also a guide to keep you on your path toward fulfillment.Most of the time our focus is based on what […]

Being vulnerable helps build your brand

The effectiveness of your brand requires being vulnerable.As a business owner, being vulnerable is a necessary process for personal growth as well as building your brand. We are the primary representative of our business. There is no one above us.  Therefore, we must take responsibility for all of our actions. Every action we take is […]

Headshot vs brand photography

The primary difference between getting a professional headshot vs brand photography is time and quantity. Of course, it depends on the photographer and what they offer. Typically, a headshot session will be less involved and a lot quicker than a branding session. My headshot sessions last from 60-90 minutes. I usually showcase 20-30 images, and […]

Build Your Personal Brand with 4 Kinds of Relationships

Different kinds of relationships build your personal brand.The success of your brand is highly influenced by how it relates to your audience. On the other hand, other types of relationships you cultivate also affect the growth of your brand. If you want to make an impact on your audience and your community, then consider all […]

Being Visible is Key to Getting Noticed

Being visible is the first step to marketing your business?If you’re just starting out in business then having a professional profile online is important to start being visible to potential clients. Getting a new headshot for that profile is the next step to getting noticed. No one really engages someone who doesn’t have a face. […]

How to create a Personal Brand Strategy

Do you have a personal brand strategy in place for your personal brand? As the primary marketer for your business, you are responsible for showing up consistently. However, does your story produce the results you want regularly? Are you emotionally connecting to your audience?A solid brand strategy allows you to always share the right message […]

6 Components to a Great Portrait

I’ve discovered there are 6 components to capturing a great portrait. These have nothing to do with how you look but rather how it all works together. We all have reasons why we don’t want to get a new headshot. You may want to lose more weight, grow out your hair or get more sun. […]