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Planning a photography session can be stressful, let me answer some of your questions.


What is Lifestyle Photography? What should I wear in my portraits?
Below are some answers to our most commonly asked questions to help make planning a photography session much easier. Call Us if we missed something at (805) 440-3655


Very similar to Corporate Branding except Personal Branding is when one personally brands themselves and their career as a brand. A brand in general is not a specific thing, or look, but rather it’s a feeling. It is the feeling you get the moment they look at the brand (You). This feeling is created by what other people say about you by how they feel about.

When you personally brand yourself with photography you are strategically presenting yourself to a desired audience with your self images. You are also distinguishing yourself in a unique manner that sets you apart from your competition.

You cannot control what other people are saying about you. However, you can direct people to think about you in a certain way. People process an image of you in a split second and how you are currently presenting yourself is what they believe of you.

Planning a brand image that aligns your customer's values with your own.  Only then will you attract the ideal clients you want. Defining your brand not only makes your marketing easier but will also present you more authentically to the world. And nowadays, we live in a world in which everyone is looking at us.

Lifestyle photography is capturing people in the moment in any real life situation in an artistic way. It’s primary aim is to tell stories about people during different times of their lives. A lifestyle photographer typically has experience in multiple disciples of photography besides portraiture such as street photography, wedding, landscape and even wildlife.

Similar to editorial photography, which are images that appear in newspapers and magazines but are not advertising photographs or “hard news” photojournalistic images.

I know this is not a question. However, this is seriously a primary concern with almost all women getting their portraits done. Maybe for men too but mostly women. Honestly, there is no reason to put off having your portraits done.  I have photographed many women and understand the best angles and techniques to use to make them look their absolute best. Plus, all final portraits you purchase will be fully finished with high-end retouching to produce an exceptional “Magazine Shot”.

Prior to your photoshoot, we’ll discuss your goals for your portraits. This will be the time to let me know in advance any concerns you have about your body. I will make suggestions on wardrobe styles and colors that will help “disguise” those areas we don’t want to be noticed. Look through my portfolio and you will see samples of women of all sizes and ages.


Yes, I have worked with several businesses in which I have photographed the CEO and all the employees. I have also done full company group shots and teams. Business portraits are my speciality but I like to photograph in an editorial manner as well. Therefore, in the past I have also photographed people at work and interacting with other people. My primary focus for your company is dependent on your goals and what you’ll be using all the photographs for. If you need each employee photographed as well, or an exterior shot of your building and your entire team working, that can be accomplished.

A company that is branded should take into consideration how all their employees are representing the companies brand as well. We will discuss prior to the day we photograph, what your needs are and what your brand stands for. This way everyone’s portrait will relay a common message that is consistent with the company values. A relaxed laid back company that sells surf gear is going to look very different then a high end law firm… just sayin!


We offering many kinds of photography sessions so it depends on what your purpose is. …

Go to the link that best describes the type of photography you want and these pages will get you started, as well as answer any other questions you may have, such as investment.

We’re here to help if you have more questions… please give us a call at (805) 440-3655





Super easy, you can book a session right now! Simply click the link below, choose a date for your session from our calendar and submit the form. We will contact you to confirm and finalize the booking and forward you detailed information about what to expect.

If you prefer,  give us a call right now at (805) 440-3655.


Please Note: Our studio is often booked full 1-2 months out, so keep that in mind if you’re planning to hit a specific deadline or give as gifts.

Photo sessions take place in my home studio in San Luis Obispo or anywhere on location. We will plan to photograph you at your place of business, your home, or one of the many beautiful scenic areas available on the central coast. BE CREATIVE! Any session within San Luis Obispo and neighboring cities we’ll travel to at no charge, if by chance we go over 25 miles one way there is a minimal charge to cover our gas.

Branding packages include location scouting.  This is when the environment you’ll be photographed in is relevant to your defined brand and helps communicate your message more clearly. Sometimes we’ll choose up to 3 locations but in this package, we chauffeur you all day.

I will also fly anywhere you want me to go to be your part of your personal entourage, per your expense of course… but I’m there!

We send everyone who has booked a session a list of suggestions and tips on wardrobe. We give you choices that will flatter you the most and/or help you coordinate groups and families. Our primary focus is to capture your uniqueness and those special moments. Therefore, we usually prefer that the wardrobe is timeless.  Of course, each session is unique so check out our guide below on What to Wear and you’ll find tips for business headshots to family portraits.

If you are contemplating having us fully brand you then your session will include a defining consultation that explores in more detail what colors and styles of clothing you should wear in your photographs to reflect your genuine personality. This is especially great where there is time to plan and go shopping. We also work with a Style Consultant if you need additional help.


Of course, I will, that is my job and one of the reasons why you’re hiring me. In fact, nearly all the people in my portfolio have never had any modeling experience in the past.

I am not at all intimidating and I will give you easy-to-follow instructions and direction in regards to body position. I sometimes work at capturing a reaction out of you, even if is in the middle of a conversation.  Plus, I am very descriptive in trying to get you to feel an emotion. I WILL NEVER SAY “look sexy” or “work the camera” or any other vague directions like that unless I’m just trying to be funny… Oh, I am that too… funny that is!


That is a great question to ask in order for you to understand our timeline. For the majority of all my sessions, we will have your portraits ready to view within 7-10 workdays. I understand you want to see the images ASAP but we also want you to see them edited and finished.

You have the option to view your portraits in a private online gallery or preview them at our Studio in San Luis Obispo. Just be aware that an online gallery may take an additional day or two to set up and upload.

Full branding packages take more time because we about triple the amount of images you’ll preview. While I’m editing someone's images I am also developing a plan on how to use those images in their marketing, which also takes a bit more time. Expect about 2-3 weeks.

This is dependent on the size of your order and if you have ordered digital images only or prints and digitals.

Typically digital images are ready within 2-3 weeks. The finished artwork and printed products such as albums and folios will be available for pick-up or delivery 3-6 weeks after the date your order is placed. If you need items sooner than that, we can have your order ready in as little as 5-10 business days with a $200 rush fee.

I photograph you as long as it takes until I know I’ve produced enough great shots for you to look at. However, here are average time frames

  • Business Headshot Session about an hour.
  • Lifestyle Session is about 2-2.5 hours average.
  • Branding Sessions can be up to 4 hours. Our full Branding Package can be 4 or more hours or broken down into two days.
  • Event photography is the only service I offer in which I charge for time, so it depends on your event and how long you want photographic coverage.