Commercial Photography


Ginici Studios is meticulous about photographing architecture and interior design. We utilize an authentic approach with realistic angles, warm and natural lighting while capturing the delicate details. Featuring the mood of any room, building or landscape is essential in telling the right story.

Marketing a home.  Your best bet in selling or renting a home is to showcase it with amazing commercial photography. We highlight not only the space and what makes it unique, but the feeling it gives to a potential buyer.

Feature your work. Are you an interior designer or contractor? We do a thorough job capturing not only newly designed or refurbished spaces but all the specialties you offer. Starting a new project? We’ll photograph your before shots for you for free.


Your product is your business, capturing the way they look clearly and dynamically is ours. We do commercial photography on location or in our studio in San Luis Obispo. Showcase your products on your website in your shop, in a catalog or in your social media.


Are you ready to be published? Tell the story about you, your business, or your product. Our primary focus, besides the camera’s focus, is to make sure your images get noticed and convey the right message. All our final images are publication worthy for any media you need it for.

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