Ginici Studios captures your BRILLIANCE that emotionally connects YOU to your ideal customer, with exceptional personal branding photography.

The secret to personal branding

. . . is knowing how you want to make your audience feel.

Brand photography is the best way to show the true essence of your brand that strategically positions it towards a target market.

Using these images in your marketing illustrates your own narrative more effectively.

This makes you more memorable as well as irresistible.

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Gina Cinardo
Personal Branding Photographer and Strategist

Gina is an enthusiastic personal branding photographer who is hired by fearless businesswomen who don’t feel like they stand out in their industry. To grow their business they know they must visually connect to their ideal customer with dynamic personal branding portraits that authentically illustrate their brand message.

"With a degree in fine art photography and a strong working background in visual marketing, I've always understood the importance of making a great first impression to attract an ideal client.
My mission is to support the next generation of heart-based women leaders with exceptional photography into the new millennia. Those who have a passion to serve others, whether they are 27 or 67."

What is personal branding photography?

First and foremost, brand photographs places you as the "ROCK STAR" of your business.

How you position yourself matters.

Janet Hilts, Life Coach


your brand.

The goal is to connect with your audience the moment they see you.

Personal branding photography is a smart way to get noticed. Primarily because more and more people find it hard to trust brands. However, people trust people. They don't necessarily see them as a brand in and of itself. They see them as someone they can relate to. 

A strategically positioned personal brand is an essential marketing step toward success. 

Be Seen

as a leader.

Determination and persistence seem to be what defines us. Yet we are women who are following our hearts. Ready to show the world who we are that showcases our true authenticity. You have made the realization that the photographs you wish to use on your website not only reflect the best in you but the entire story of who you are.

Knowing exactly where to begin can be a challenge when you are so close to your own brand. We are here to view you from your client's perspective, and easily break down the process into small bite-sized pieces.

Start the Vision!

Joanna Klein, Journey to Legacy

Communicate your true essence.

Megan Barnhard, Writing Coach


with your audience.

Social Media is basically Free Marketing. Consistently sharing your story allows you to grow an audience. Generally, the more followers you have equals more sales in your business.

When you work with us, our goal is to plan your photography session with your target customer in mind. Then capture engaging portraits of you in a lifestyle setting that illustrates and strengthens your marketing message. You are not just communicating what you look like, but the essence of who you are. This emotionally connects your audience to you, which in turn positions you as a successful influencer in your field. 

Personal Branding Photography Experience

Feel exhilarated and empowered during this entire process.

Gina's goal for you is to set the stage that allows you to walk into a brand that your audience is going to love. 

All photography branding packages begin by strategizing your brand prior to the day we photograph. This includes clarifying all the key shots you need from your photoshoot to tell the right editorial stories you wish to market with. 

The day of your photoshoot begins with you meeting our professional makeup and hair artist. Afterwhich, Gina will photograph you in all the scenes, scenarios, and wardrobe we've planned for your session.

You do not have to be a professional model. We guide you every step of the way, posing and lighting mastery, goofiness, and tripping over extension cords as well.

Your only preparation for this experience is to be relaxed, open, and true to yourself. 

"The most exciting thing about becoming a successful business owner is when you embrace your authentic spirit, allow yourself to walk into your brand, and LIVE IT." 
Gina Cinardo


  • Brand defining/blueprinting.
  • Mood board.
  • Session Design: Strategy and key shot list for the photoshoot.

Day of Photoshoot

  • Makeover and hairstyle with our professional artist.
  • 3-4 hour photoshoot with Gina Cinardo at various locations fully directed with love.


  • A portfolio of digital images from the photography shoot. Digital images are delivered through an online gallery, high-resolution, fully finished, and retouched.

All photography branding packages are fully customizable and start at $1995

Start making a bolder and bigger impact in your marketing.

We typically book sessions 2-6 months in advance. Sessions are conducted in the Central Coast of CA, or in a city I'm working in. However, I'm open to your city, let's have a discussion. 

I'm ready to create a brilliant brand.