Personal Branding Photography shows your true essence

Personal branding photography that shows the essence of your brand will strategically position yourself towards an ideal customer.  Using these images in your marketing illustrates your own narrative more effectively. As a result, this makes you and what you’re offering not only more memorable but irresistible.

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The first step is knowing how your brand can make a bigger impact.

Our goal is to capture you in a manner that will emotionally connect you to your target audience. Gina’s Personal branding program begins by defining your brand image (persona).  A plan for the day of your session is then created by the story you want to tell and how you will be using them in your marketing.

We’ll begin by pampering you on the day of your photo session. A professional makeup artist will work their magic first. As a result, you will be fully camera ready for Gina Cinardo to photograph you.  She’ll direct and pose you and capture your essence in the moment. Her super high energy and enthusiasm will build your confidence by showing you how beautiful and powerful you are. In addtion, you’ll get touched up, posed, and photographed in multiple wardrobe changes and at various locations. You will feel like a celebrity. 

Your final deliverable will be a full portfolio of images that tell a comprehensive story about you. With enough images to post regular content for up to 3 months. Placing your brand photographs throughout your web presence, effectively illustrates your narrative. As a result of this, they will emotionally connect you to a desired audience that will convert followers and clients.

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