Personal Branding Photography Experience

personal branding photographyPersonal Branding Photography Experience

You have a lot of passion for what you do and you’re successful. A personal branding photography session is the next step to take you to the next level.

Personal branding is the process of defining your brand image and strategically positioning yourself towards a specific audience. When you sign up for our program you’ll receive a well defined brand image that will resonate with your target market. Being strategic does not mean you’ll appear inauthentic. In fact, your brand is defined based on who you really are. To do this we develop a brand persona using all your unique characteristics, your vision, and your values. Once we have identified your ideal customer we can present your genuine self to attract them.

The Experience

Experience an exciting day where you feel like a “Superstar.”  A personal branding photography session begins with a Style Consultant to help you prepare the right wardrobe. Knowing what you are wearing will allow you to begin your session with confidence.  Then, we’ll pamper you with a complete beauty makeover and hairstyle before we begin photographing. Finally, we capture your genius with a fun and exciting photography session. We’ll pose you, make you laugh, and show you your amazing photographs through the entire process. You will feel fabulous!

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken. Oscar Wilde

I know what you’re thinking, “but I hate having my picture taken.” I can honestly say I hear this at least once a week. Showing the world who we really are often brings up feelings of vulnerability. There will always be things about ourselves we dislike. We constantly compare ourselves to others and wish we looked different. Experiences in the past in which we have looked at our own photograph and cringed with self loathing makes us want to be invisible. I completely get it.  I’ve truly felt that way too. I can say “you are beautiful,”and you may or may not believe me. However, in this case, well… it’s about business, so GET OVER IT. The first step in truly walking into your brilliance and shining is accepting yourself exactly the way you are, and You Are Beautiful!

Just some of the benefits of personal branding photography

  • Clearly define who you are and what you do so you can step into your own power
  • Allow yourself to be YOU and market yourself genuinely
  • Attract great opportunities that are inline with your values
  • Set yourself apart from your competitor
  • Build credibility and trust the moment they see you
  • Position yourself toward your target audience by speaking directly to them

Are you ready to shine your brilliance with personal branding photography?

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