East Wellbeing Spa and Tea

East Wellbeing GiftcardI loved working with Jill Stollmeyer of East Wellbeing and Tea.  She was a super friendly and gracious person. I captured a complete portfolio of her business, including her staff and the multiple services she offered. I also grabbed the tea bar, front counter, staff, skin care products, and her organic tea blends. Finally, I took some lovely portraits of Jill. Her images will be used on her website and social media to market and strengthen her brand.

A SLO Brand Worth Visiting

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, in 2020, her store closed. East Wellbeing and Tea should have been a SLO brand that everyone got to experience. The wellness center and spa offered acupuncture, ayurvedic treatments, holistic facials, and luxurious massages in San Luis Obispo, CA. Besides the spa services, skin care products, and organic teas, the design and thought put into the location are incredibly unique. Basically, you can sip your tea or get a facial surrounded by elegantly designed themed rooms. Great for total relaxation and escape.

Jill is fascinated with the many, many natural alternatives for stress reduction. Because of this, she has interviewed multiple health practitioners and clinical researchers for her blog.  She is excited about her new podcast called Work, Wellbeing & Wisdom. Geared to help busy professionals learn health and mindfulness techniques to help them get to the next level.