The Uber Talented Talia

I had the pleasure of meeting Talia 4 years ago when I first moved to the Central Coast. I was immediately impressed by her talent and had no idea at the time that she was only 15. I've had the pleasure of performing with her many times on stage and one very special performance at Carnegie Hall with the dance troupe SaJa and the Cal Poly Arab Music Ensemble. Wow! I never did that at 19.

Her passions lie in all forms of art but mostly music and dance. Currently, she is studying music at Cal Poly and performs regularly with her father Louie Ortega. She has studied middle eastern dance, flamenco dance, and probably more than I even know. She sings beautifully and is undeniably intelligent in all respects. She is truly one of the most highly spirited individuals I have ever met. With a supportive and artistic family, she is set to grow and flourish into something amazing.

No pressure though Talia, because it doesn't matter what you end up achieving in life as long as you always know your gifts and who you are and what you give to others with your talent, because that is enough.