A Woman's Power is Her Ability to Create

All women, and men for that matter, can tap into their innate gift as a creator.

A woman's power specifically generates the seed that grows and manifests into something tangible and beautiful. 

If she is fully tapping into her true potential, entirely authentic, and present in every moment, she is capable of many miracles. 

The Project

Christine Marie is an outstanding fine artist working on a new series. She has been working in her studio and asked me a fascinating question this morning. 

I'm exploring different expressions of feminine power/soft power for an upcoming exhibit. Thinking about you and so many amazing and diversely powerful women I know was what inspired this body of work.

Do you have another term or phrase you use to represent or describe feminine power/soft power?

Do you have a person, place, or example that you would like to share with me?

What color(s), song(s), and imagery do you associate with feminine power/soft power? (I'm sure you expected me to ask that one.)

What a question to ponder; I love it. I love your concept and quest to interpret this into a visual representation of feminine power. I can't wait to see your show. Here is my interpretation of a woman's power. 

Feminine Power: 

The Seed: 

To me, a woman's power lies in creating the warm seed of pure potential. But to fully plant these latent ideas, she must resolve to act. She is not just working as a creator but also creative and knows what she wants. With Firm Intention, she sets out to accomplish what she may have once thought was impossible. 

This reddish, orangish glow begins deep in her belly as thoughts expand the energy outward. A sunrise symbolizes a new day and, therefore, a new creation. I can't name a specific place, but I see it as an intensely clear and crisp sun peeking over the horizon that shoots rays out over a landscape, burning off the fog and morning dew (confusion and self-defeating thoughts). 

"... A woman's power lies in creating the warm seed of pure potential."

A Woman's Power in a black dress and pink cloak on her journey.

Following The Path:

She understands that things take time to develop. For something to manifest, it must go on a journey without resistance. It's a blue path, winding and appearing to be never-ending. So far, far away in the distance with bold to faded hues of blue-green, true blue, to indigo. Her power is her persistence and wisdom, which comes from listening to her inner self to heal and overcome the bumps in her way. And from knowing with conviction that she is not alone but co-creating and trusting the process in every moment. 

I've met and experienced women who embody this power. They fill a room with their presence while being the most humble and grounded of anyone around them. Some might say they are secure with themselves, but it's more profound than that. 

Remember that being on the path also means she is in partnership with the Divine Masculine because it's the action that allows for the idea to be actualized. So, for it to work, she must be soft. In other words, surrender and let go. 

Soft Power

The feminine soft power is her ability to see through the eyes as I AM. She is in complete balance. She understands who she is and where she comes from and believes all living things are connected. No one can force this realization on any other human being; they must find it themselves. 

The softness comes from seeing herself and others with compassion, even when we stumble off the road. An enlightened perspective softens the need to control the situation and the lives of others and to love anyone unconditionally no matter where they are on their path. 

This deep, nurturing love is shades of green, spiraling from soft green to emerald green inside a sphere. It's energy radiating from the upper belly into the heart's center and slightly up into the throat. It's genuinely pure nature, and she treats everyone, including herself, with the utmost respect. It's stillness, calmness, silence, and a feeling of peace and joy. The feeling of being in the woods and all awareness is on the subtle sounds of the wind, the crackling of a branch, and the sweet smell of the earth under her feet. 

With love to all the women who tap into their brilliance and feminine power. 

Comment below on how you would answer Christine's questions or how you tap into your brilliance.


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