Best ChatGPT Answer: 1970s Inspired Gin Ad

Sometimes, unbelievable and random things inspire me. A better way to put it is, "Sometimes the oddest things crack me up." 😂 In this case, it was so funny because I got the best ChatGPT answer and wasn't even trying.

The Inspiration

During a recent edit, I was scrolling through image after image, and one photograph I'd taken "jumped" out at me. I photographed my client's son sitting in a golf cart, winking into the camera while holding a freshly made cocktail. I get it; he was hamming it up for the camera. Winking at the camera works very well in this particular scenario. It is difficult not to smile when you look at the picture because he's just adorable. 

I thought, "He could be in a 1970s Seagram's Ad. I'll do a quick ChatGPT search for some ad copy and maybe surprise them."

Client proof sheet before getting the best ChatGPT answer.

The Result

I'm still new at using AI as a tool, so I'm sometimes unsure what my prompt should say; I was winging it. I typed out something to see what I'd get.

"Write a campy 1970s gin ad with a reference to golf."

Getting better answers requires more learning. If you need help, this article is excellent, "11 Tips for Better ChatGPT prompts." 

So, the result was different from what I was expecting. I was expecting a slogan, and instead, I got a complete script for a very campy commercial. I should have used the word "slogan" instead of "ad" in the prompt. 

However, this result was excellent! To my delight, the best ChatGPT answer came up, which had me rolling with laughter. The ad reads so brilliantly that it inspired me to post this blog and create a parody of Logan's photograph.

The Slogan

I made the image look vintage, as if Logan posed for a 1970s Vanity Fair magazine ad. It would look faded, with a yellowish tint and grainy, and probably photographed with a 35mm camera loaded with 400 ASA film.

I still needed a slogan, though. "There has to be a good slogan in this script," I thought. After all, this is the best ChatGPT answer I've ever gotten. 

I found one that worked well with this image. Actually, I found many that worked well. 

And finally, tell me what you find in the answer below. Do you see a better slogan than I do?

Best ChatGPT Answer



Write a campy 1970s gin ad with a reference to golf.

THE ANSWER (verbatim)

[Scene: A perfectly manicured golf course. The sun is shining, and a group of well-dressed individuals are playing a round of golf. Suddenly, the camera zooms in on a stylish golfer with a twinkle in his eye.]

Golfer 1: [Swinging his golf club with flair] Fore! Another fabulous day on the links!

[Camera pans to a stunning woman, watching the golfer from a nearby golf cart with two other golfers.]

Golfer 2: [Admiring the golfer's swing] Look at him go! Such elegance, such grace!

Golfer 3: Indeed, his swing is virtually flawless, just like his taste in gin.

[The woman, intrigued, comes closer and leans on the golf cart, mesmerized.]

Woman: [Curious] Gin, you say? Tell me more!

Golfer 1: [Proudly] Ah, my dear, the secret to my success on this verdant paradise lies in a bottle of the finest gin known to man!

[In an instant, the woman is handed a beautiful crystal glass filled with golden liquid. She raises it to her lips, taking a delicate sip.]

Woman: Mmm… This gin is like a

Refreshing breeze on a hot summer's day. It caresses my taste buds with a symphony of botanical flavors.

Golfer 2: [Smirking] And that's not all, my dear. This gin is more than just a libation; it's a passport to an era of sophistication and pure indulgence.

Golfer 3: Absolutely! It's the elixir that turns an ordinary round of golf into a dazzling spectacle. With this gin in your hand, fairways become runways!

[The golfers break into laughter, clinking their glasses together.]

Woman: Well, I must say, this gin seems to possess magical abilities.

Golfer 1: Ah, my lady, it does! You see, this gin is handcrafted using a recipe passed down for generations. Its smoothness and versatility are unmatched, just like my golf swing!

[The woman raises an eyebrow, intrigued.]

Woman: And what is this heavenly gin called, may I inquire?

Golfer 2: My dear, prepare yourself for the name that embodies everything a golfer desires: Swing 'n Sip Gin!

[As the camera zooms in on the bottle of Swing 'n Sip Gin, colorful confetti bursts forth, covering the screen in a joyful celebration.]

Narrator: Swing 'n Sip Gin, the gin for golfers who know how to swing and sip in style!

[Cut to a lavish party scene, filled with elegantly dressed people, all sipping Swing 'n Sip Gin cocktails.]

Narrator: Whether you're driving a par four or lounging by the clubhouse, Swing 'n Sip Gin is your perfect companion. With its delightful blend of citrus notes, herbaceous undertones, and a touch of juniper, it's the gin that takes your palate on a hole-in-one adventure.

[The camera focuses on a group of golfers, raising their glasses in a toast.]

Golfers: Cheers to Swing 'n Sip Gin! The hole-in-one of gins!

Narrator: Swing 'n Sip Gin. It's time to up your golf game and let the spirit of the '70s take you to new heights. Par excellence and gin perfection combined into one remarkably stylish bottle.

[Screen fades to black, leaving only the iconic Swing 'n Sip Gin logo.]

Narrator: Swing 'n Sip Gin. Smooth. Elegant. Fore-bulously delicious!


Ad parody: Best ChatGPT answer

Did you find a slogan better than mine? 🤣 Did you think this was the best ChatGPT answer you've seen before?

Comment below. 

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