Contributor Article – Sunsets at the Bluffs and Palisades

Since October 2015 I have been working with the Sunsets at the Bluffs and Palisades as a contributing photographer. It has been a privilege working with Paul Anderson of N2 Publishing. I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all the families in the neighborhood as well the other sponsors. I've made some really nice friends. I especially like photographing the events like the restaurant reviews and cooking events, not only fun but really good food! Woohoo... Bonus!

This January I have an article published about me for my contribution with Sunsets at the Bluffs and Palisades. I'd also like to thank Tara Hobbs for writing such a nice article. When she interviewed me I was so comfortable I could have told her my life story. Oh wait! I did tell her my life story, she did a great job summing it up. If you're wondering who took my portrait... I took my portrait. Personally, I think I look pretty tired, I should have asked for help... LOL!