Creative Ladies Coalition

Conversations With Creative Ladies - Interviews Photographer Gina Cinardo

Ella Barnard founder of the Creative Ladies Coalition, for women who are ready to transform the world by owning their power and creating something awesome.

"We are in a global shift of consciousness. Feminine and masculine energies are starting to work in concert instead of working in conflict.  Creative women are going to be a huge force in this raising of consciousness. One of our biggest strengths as women is our ability to connect, empathize, support each other, and have fun doing it." Ella Barnard

Her purpose is to leverage the strength of women by exploring...

  • Ladies who create art.
  • Ladies who create money.
  • Ladies who create books.
  • Ladies who create laughter.
  • Ladies who create life.

Need some inspiration? Check out her Creative Ladies Coalition and her growing collection of Conversations with Creative Ladies -