My Search for Deep Meaningful Connections

Our social connections shape our lives. We need and crave relationships with other human beings. When social interaction is restricted, we feel the effects of our isolation. Deeply, emotionally, and sometimes even physically. If we're not connecting with our friends and family, then we're probably not connecting with our potential customers as well.

meaningful connectionsThis year we’ve all been impacted by our lack of social connections with one another. You may be a family struggling to work or run a business from home while homeschooling your children all at once. Or maybe you’re single, like me, and you live alone. Whatever it is, wouldn't it be great to mingle at a cocktail party and shake each other’s hands?

My journey to seek more meaningful connections
My journey began when I realized that the connection to myself was what I needed to nurture the most. To understand me thoroughly meant putting the puzzle pieces together with my thoughts. Each thought reveals the actual truth and motivation behind it. A lot of resistance I experience stems from past and current relationships. I began to question how deep and authentic my connections have been in the past. How can I improve them? How can we improve them?

If you know people are craving your connection, how will you connect with them in a virtual social landscape? Let me just say, an emoji is not going to cut it.

How are you going to open yourself up and share your gifts? People need what you have to offer. I believe if you want to find deep and meaningful connections, it starts by showing people your true self.

When we become genuine and open, the Universe will help by making the introduction on a wheel of fortune called fate.

Let’s connect, so I can help you connect.