Confidence is the New Sexy!

"The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence." Blake Lively

Confidence is the new sexy! It's amazing to me how many people, especially women, are not satisfied with how they look. Let's take for example, a beautiful woman looking at a portrait of herself. She will fixate on the things she does not like: a pimple, her nose, her arms, or whatever she feels is not acceptable and does not meet her standard of what beauty is to her.

I realize some women say those things because they don't want to appear vain, but that is not vanity, it is just acceptance of self.  Why can't we just embrace our uniqueness and feel content with the way we look?  Of course, I'm posing this as a question because I too have suffered from this condition. Our culture has manipulated us to the extent that we think we must look a certain way in order to be accepted.

Americans, in general, are always striving to be better and better, to get more and have more to show for their hard work. This mindset filters into the way we look. We feel we "have to" go on a diet, work out, have thicker hair… It's ridiculous! No one can live up to that much perfection.

Being sexy is not necessarily a person who is labeled "beautiful" as defined by societal standards. I truly believe that being sexy is someone who simply accepts who they are and is comfortable with who they are, which makes them confident about the decisions they make in all aspects of their life. Feeling and living in confidence is the new sexy.

Start accepting yourself for who you are right now! Yes, I know you probably want to lose 10 more pounds but if you are still dissatisfied with yourself when you accomplish your goal, then what? More than likely, you'll nit-pick at small things that only You believe are not good enough.

If you're confident, In the long term, it means you'll take care of yourself better naturally out of respect and love for yourself rather than striving to improve yourself for others.

If you have a story about how good self-confidence made you feel sexy please share it. For more information on launching a "Feel Good" campaign for yourself please contact me at (805) 440-3655 or Email Me.