The First Folio – Irene Neale

GiniciFolioBox-lrIrene Neale is a great client and now a great friend. She was so fun to photograph. We were so into the session we both had to call our next appointments to tell them we were running just a little late. Her purpose for being photographed was to give her husband a very special anniversary gift after more than 30 years of marriage. I had no idea to what extent the effect would be. This is why I do this I guess, I get teary every time I read it.

"I wish you were there to see his reaction to the beautiful work and product you created.  There are tear drops on the folio box that will always be a reminder of how profound this gift is. Thank you Gina for your talent and love for what you do do. In other words HE LOVED IT!"

We produced an Elegant Print Folio Box which includes Fifteen 5X7 custom-styled Fine Art prints printed on a thick luxurious LOFT paper and are displayed in a hand-crafted Folio Presentation Box wrapped in a bow. Comes in premium fabrics; Black Moiré, Café Au Lait, White on White Floral, Berry Berry Red, and Barilla. This is now my top-selling product.

What else can I say, here is what was in her folio.