The Dramas We Tell

Our struggles in life are not that we don’t have enough clients, that we don’t have enough money, that we work too hard and never have fun. Do we look for the life drama that makes being alive more interesting? If life simply moved forward with no obstacles to stumble over then what would we tell people? What would we complain about?

The problems we face are based on old conditioned scripts and/or repressed emotions from our past dramas. A life of drama is certainly more interesting than a life of nothing. So, we become the struggling hero or heroine in our own story that always does their best under tough conditions.

I am pretty sure most of us don’t want the stress of that life drama anymore. Logically, we say “I’m done with it, I don’t need it” and yet the law of attraction still brings it to us because deep down we still feel our story is being told that way. So we begin our quest of positive thinking; stating out loud life-affirming aspirations and building our dreams with vision boards and goal setting. Then suddenly, we are sitting right in the middle of the same drama. Really?

Maybe the answer then is to start rewriting our drama. If drama is what we need in our lives how else do we change our dysfunctional scripts? We use our gifts and passions to tell another story and stop being the main character in our drama. Yes, the heroine then becomes the storyteller and less prominent in the story but that does not make the story less important. This might be what drives certain people to help others unconditionally. The drama is the hospice worker’s stories, the nurses, the firefighters, and so on.

I, on the other hand, am a photographer and graphic artist. What is so dramatic about that? So I try and try and try so hard not to rerun those scripts that stress me out. Yet, they seem to come back and sabotage my progress. After all that, I end up feeling guilty because I should be grateful for all I have and stop complaining. OKAY FINE!!!

Well, I am grateful, I’ve come to realize I have many great gifts, and many of those gifts I have I can use to give back to others.

I make women look amazing, and I make them feel good about themselves. It’s time to start telling my story and others as well.
Your story? Let me tell it.