Being Visible is Key to Getting Noticed

Being visible is the first step to marketing your business.

If you’re just starting out in business then having a professional profile online is important to start being visible to potential clients. Getting a new headshot for that profile is the next step to getting noticed. No one really engages someone who doesn’t have a face. If you’ve been in business for a while and, for whatever reason, you still have a blank profile then you’re making a huge mistake. Your audience might assume that you simply don’t care about your professional image and therefore may not care about how you solve their problem. There are many assumptions one can have from lack of confidence to lack of technical knowledge. The ugly truth is, that it’s better to have an outdated or poor-quality profile than no profile. 

How do you ensure a great first Impression?

Being visible is the first step. Plus, showing your audience you have self-confidence in yourself and how you serve others. It proves you have trust in your own powers and abilities. How is your Avatar online or your business marketing portraying you in your business? Sometimes the "Selfie" just doesn't cut it, and leaving your Avatar blank is worse because you then appear like you don't follow through with things (incomplete profile) or you are just simply uninteresting.

One of the best ways to make a good first impression is to be visible with a professional headshot that is clear and engaging. These types of images show your client what it will be like to work with you. It engages the client and gives them the first impression of their experience working with you. 

Friendly looking = Likable

Nisa King wanted to communicate to her customer that she was friendly to work with. We wanted to showcase her beautiful smile and sense of grace that her clients would resonate with. It was important to her brand to be on location and outside surrounded by nature. We wanted them to look professional and confident but fresh and light. Check out Nisa's website at

Approachable = phone calls

Being visible wasn’t Adi Ringer’s concern. A financial planner and advisor, Adi wanted to get out of the stuffy suit and represent himself in a more relaxed manner. The goal was to make him appear causal and approachable while still being professional. Without the tie, we decided to shoot with a solid blue shirt and photograph him in the studio. 

Approachable looking headshot of a man in blue.

I shot several poses both zooming in for a full headshot and pulling out to do more 3/4 shots. The 3/4 pose always looks a little more casual and so I posed him leaning on his knee which comes off relaxed but confident. Several shots in the portrait landscape will allow Adi to use these headshots for marketing in many different ways.

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