Best First Impression

Are you eager to make your best first impression? How confident do you look in your own marketing?

Researchers from Canada investigated the persistence of first impressions. Not only does it take 7 seconds to make a good first impression but they are forever lasting.   Let’s say you meet someone at a networking event and they made an awful impression on you. A few weeks later you meet them at a coffee shop and discover they are actually quite nice. Sounds good but your gut response will always hold the same feelings of this person when you see them in the same setting.  According to Bertram Gawronski, Canada Research Chair at The University of Western Ontario “Although you know your first impression was wrong… your first impression will still dominate in all other contexts.”

How do you ensure that you’ll display your best first impression? Having self confidence in yourself and what you do shows others you have trust in your own powers and abilities. That is the primary key to “stand out” among all your competitors. Being prepared when you market yourself and network is essential because not only does it help you define what you do but gives you that confidence.

4 Ways to make a your best first impression:

  1. Define your business and what you offer to your specific target market.
  2. Develop a mission statement and value structure that will be associated with your company brand.
  3. Create a brand and what it stands for and interpret the overall “feel” of your brand
  4. Hire a professional photographer and graphic designer to produce marketing materials that interpret your brand. Showcase yourself as clean, concise and professional looking.  

There are numerous other tips on how to make a great first impression. However, there also many factors and influences from our own lives that can generate a less pleasing version of who we really are. If you have the right intention to come off confident and you prepare for it by “packaging” yourself utilizing the tips listed above, then you are going to make a really good impression.

I do believe that having passion for what you do and being as genuine as you can is also valuable to add to the package.  If you are struggling to find your passion or just need some help defining your look I have included a couple of great resources to help you on your journey so you can always make a great first impression.

Check out Barrie Davenport who explores the depths of Self Confidence and has developed a self confidence course.

I am open and curious to hear your thoughts on this matter.  Please feel free to comment below.

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