Target Marketing Strategy

Meet Polly Mertens with Get Busy Thriving. Polly is a Recovery Coach who helps women recover and stop bulimia (or anorexia) forever. Polly wanted portraits of her that were dynamic and beautiful and ideal to brand her. Our target marketing strategy for attracting the right client to her was to show what a happy life one can have after recovering from bulimia. After struggling with bulimia for 20 years she has made a full recovery herself. For this reason It has become her mission to help millions of women who also suffer from this condition.

"I want to be the #1 best selling and most effective program for binge eating on the market."

Her Top Values

In order to build her fan base and attract the type of client she wanted we needed to define her values. In this way those women who have the same values will resonate with her instantly and become a fan. We discovered that  Health and Vitality, Love, Contribution, Fun & Playful, Happy, and Resourceful were the top 8 values to focus on.

Her Brand Persona

The personality of her brand is friendly and passionate with a deep sense of compassion and intuitive insight. She understands why her customer are the way they are and the motivations that made them that way. Hence, Polly has become an expert on this subject because she has first hand experience. She is super high Energy and Fun. Her persona communicates that she is accessible to helping those who are suffering from anorexia with understanding and compassion.

The Goal

In the end, Polly's primary goal was to polish up her image because she plans for a big expansion in her business. She says, "I want to be the #1 best selling and most effective program for binge eating on the market. I want to define and build the foundation of a beautiful brand that allows me to attract my tribe. I'd like to garner professional attention from media and influencers in order to up-level me as a leader in the personal development industry."

"99% of my online income has been through people finding me on my website as a life/eating disorder recovery coach."

In conclusion, the total looks we finalized for her photography session were...

  1. Bohemian, to show a nurturing, loving side and sense of spirituality.
  2. Structured jacket with blouse, to show a professional, established and traditional side of her.
  3. Rock Star look, to show her fun and playful spirit, edgy and trendiness.
  4. Soft peach sweater, elegant and beautiful sophistication with heals.
  5. Orange sweater, casual and cuddle exuberance.

Looking forward to seeing her grow and her brand develop.

Please comment below if you have additional ideas on branding.

Makeup Artist - Gina Cinardo
Style Consulting - Linda Waldon

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