Relationships Build Your Personal Brand

Liz Christoffersen, Empower Consulting
October 10, 2017
Janet Hilts
January 10, 2018

You may think your public persona is your brand. It certainly is the visual part to what your brand stands for. On the other hand, what has molded your brand are the relationships you’ve developed while creating it. If you are at a point in your business development in which you really want to make a larger impact about who you are then you must become aware of these relationships that help mold who we are. There are several types of relationships to have in order to build your personal brand.

Relationships that build your personal brand

Relationship to your competition;
Using your competition to acknowledge how different you are to them rather than how worse they are to you is always the best course of action. In my opinion, it’s just sleazy to bad mouth your competition. Maybe that’s just me and what I advocate as a brand. I love the work of many photographs and gain a ton of inspiration from them; Sue Bryce, Lindsey Adler and Brittany App are just a few of my favorites. When you state your unique character and attributes not only will you appear more genuine but you will present yourself with more integrity.  In a competitive society and marketing play-field you’ll be more liked if you understand the rules of sportsmanship and shout “Hoorah!” now and then for those doing just what you do.

Relationship to other brands;
We put a lot of focus on the brands that compete with us and strategize at how we can appear different from them. However, we forget about the other brands that complement us. Having and building relationships to these brands can really help grow your business. Think about other companies that are looking for similar customers as your brand. Advocating these kinds of brands will put you right in front your potential customer. Also, think of other brands that work as an accessory to your own product or service. Boasting other brands as a “must have”, especially popular ones, will get you further reach and recognition. 

Relationship to yourself and your own brand;
Knowing thyself is the first step in confidently sharing who you are to the world. Many of us however, really struggle with this. Mostly, because we are not really sure who we are. Personally, I feel this is the most exciting and scary place to be. You can create your Image anyway you want. Understanding what makes you unique and how the Image should be presented to a client that you want to attract to you is a really good beginning. Although, to become a brand you really need to be that brand. Once it is defined you must walk into it’s shoes and live it.

Relationship to your fans;
A brand is developed by people who view it, interact with it, and make their opinion about it.  If this is the case, your relationship to your potential customers has the biggest impact to build your personal brand. The way you speak to people and share your ideas, whether sharing online or speaking live at a venue, communicates your knowledge, your personality, your values, and much more. Understanding your relationship to your fan base will allow you to speak more genuinely about who you are. It will allow you to find your true voice to those people who are interested in what you do and what you have to say.

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Gina Cinardo
Gina Cinardo
I'm Gina Cinardo, an enthusiastic portrait photographer specializing in helping driven professionals become branded online. Wether they want a fantastic headshot or just photographed being in the moment. I make people look polished and amazing in their portraits. With over 25 years’ experience as a photographer I understand the importance of the first impression. I get so much joy seeing people feel good about themselves and succeeding. IIf you’re ready for a portrait that showcases you as an expert at what you do call me today.

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