My “Aha Moment” About What Personal Branding Is.

Many people ask me "what is personal branding?" 

Simply put personal branding is how we present our value to the world. Whether you're a business professional or an entrepreneur, we step into the role as the face of our brand. I offer brand photography to individuals ready to step fully into their brand. Because I am also a brand, I started to realize what their struggle was. They are taking a risk by hiring me. Like them, and many other professionals I've met, I needed to step out of my comfort zone. I needed to see myself from my client's point of view. 

Knowing precisely where to begin is the challenge. Especially when you are so close to your brand. People don't know how to show others their value. Often we feel too modest if we sound like we're bragging. Plus, many of us value so many things personally. We are complicated and diverse human beings that provide all kinds of value to certain people. It is super helpful getting professional advice here.

The Secret to Personal Branding

personal branding photographyThe secret is knowing how you want to make your audience feel about you. If you can create an emotional response from your marketing copy, positive or negative, that relates to how you solve their problem then you're doing a great job. The key is knowing what your brand stands for and the personality you want to project to your ideal customer. 

Through brand storytelling, professional brand photography is an excellent way to evoke an emotional response. Using the right editorials in your marketing illustrates your narrative more effectively. In this way, you become more memorable and desirable to an audience that desperately needs your help. 

Showing the true essence of your brand will strategically position it toward a target market. Your competitors are nothing like you. Therefore, the best way to be different is to be yourself.  

"No one is like you. The best way to be different is to be yourself."

Be Seen as a Leader

what is personal brandingDetermination and persistence seem to be what define us. We are entrepreneurs who are following our hearts. Ready to show the world who we are that showcase our authenticity. Anytime you are willing to make a bold statement about yourself and what you know will showcase you as a leader. 

You have made a realization that the photographs you wish to use on your website reflect the best in you and the entire story of who you are.

Ideally, you want to view your brand from your client's perspective. This way, you know how to show them the value you offer.

Connect with your Audience

Social Media is essentially Free Marketing. No matter how or where you market your business consistently sharing your story allows you to grow an audience. Generally, the more followers you have equals more sales in your business.

When you work with us, we plan your photography session with your target customer in mind. Then capture engaging portraits of you in a lifestyle setting that illustrates and strengthens your marketing message. You are not just communicating what you look like but the essence of who you are. Your true nature and the story you tell will emotionally connect you to that audience which positions you as a successful influencer in your field. 

Strategize Your Brand

Personal branding photography is a smart way to get noticed. Primarily because more and more people find it hard to trust brands. However, people trust people. They don't see them as a brand in and of itself. They see them as someone they relate to. The goal is to connect with your audience the moment they see you.

In conclusion, being in the public eye and attempting to attract an audience takes some thought. If you need more help, read our blog on how to create a personal brand strategy.

We offer a Complimentary Brand Strategy Session that will guide you in the right direction towards developing a brilliant brand.