The Power of Vulnerability: The Path To a Brilliant Brand

As a business owner, vulnerability is necessary for personal growth and brand-building. You are the primary representative of your business. There is no one above you. Therefore, you must take responsibility for all of your actions. Every action you take directly reflects who you are and how you identify with yourself.

This article highlights how vulnerability is essential in becoming an authentic brand.

Being Visible Exposes Us to the World.

Your audience sees you, and your thoughts and ideas are exposed. As business owners, we take people through many touchpoints in the sales process, from the contact form to the consultation to asking for a deposit. Everything we do is open to criticism. Experiencing non-acceptance, in any form, feels like rejection. Transparency is the best way to gain their trust.

"Being visible and seen by an audience exposes our creative thoughts and ideas, which reveals more about who we are."

The Struggle Between Failure and Success is Real.

When people wonder why they are not getting the desired outreach, it may be because they avoid being visible. They become vague in their messaging and do not position themselves as thought leaders. As a result, they make themselves more invisible to prevent those feelings of rejection. Imposter syndrome pushes them out of alignment with their value and fills them with self-doubt.

Balance Begins by Following the Path Toward Discomfort.

Underlying fears are the primary cause preventing people from taking the necessary risks to advance. If you have experienced this, believing in your value and self-worth is a critical next step for you and every business owner to thrive.

Someone who moves effortlessly toward success understands that where they feel that fear is the path they must follow. That is when someone is open to being vulnerable.

"Vulnerability is the birthplace of connection and the path to the feeling of worthiness. If it doesn't feel vulnerable, the sharing is probably not constructive." – Brené Brown

Photo of woman walking on a path.

Conviction Begins with Having Clarity.

The things we want to change the most about ourselves we reject instead of taking them as they are. The people who love us the most accept all of us; why can't we? Good or bad, we must love everything about ourselves to make us whole. We must realize that all our unique characteristics are what sets us apart from others.

Becoming more self-aware of your thoughts and actions is critical to your growth. It helps to break down what you truly believe and how you identify with yourself. In regards to your business, having a clear picture of what your purpose is and what your brand stands for is also critical to be able to identify with it.

Developing a Personal Brand is a Suitable Catalyst for Personal Growth.

Personal development always involves becoming more aware. Because you must identify what makes you unique and then own it, you must also answer, "How do you want to be seen by others?" Personal branding is a process of self-acceptance and discovering who we are. It is a creative journey that continues to evolve our entire lives.

Once we have accepted and defined our brands, our Brand Persona becomes an authentic version of who we are. We gain confidence in presenting ourselves and our value to the world.

A Brand Blueprint is Essential to Opening Your Authentic Voice.

Creating a comprehensive blueprint is the first step to building a brand. With this clarity, you gain conviction, even when you experience criticism. When you fully identify with the brand, you'll find your authentic voice and, quite literally, step into the brand.

If sharing an authentic brand is vital to connecting with your audience, what are your next steps in gaining that clarity? Please comment below and share your struggles and how you have gotten clear.

I can only accurately photograph a woman by understanding her brand in advance and taking her through creating a blueprint that gives her clearness and, thus, sureness in her brand. My mission has always been to show women how spectacular they are and to love and embrace themselves unconditionally. Then, I can capture the essence that becomes the symbol of her Brand Persona.

When you are clear about what your brand stands for, it is easier to have conviction over all your thoughts and ideas. If you need help to be seen by your audience and want to get ahead in your marketing efforts, I can help. I'll guide you through the process of developing your brand persona.

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